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Enterprise ready
Open-Source Data Visualizations

Our collection of 22+ enterprise-grade, open-source data visualization components for React provide the building blocks you need to bring your data to life.

Highly CustomizableBuilt on D3 for high customization and flexibility
Seamless AnimationsReaviz uses Framer Motion for smooth animations and transitions.
Easy to UseIntuitive API for easy and quick creation of beautiful charts with minimal code.
Batteries-IncludedReaviz is pre-configured for great-looking charts from day one.
Battle-TestedUsed in production across dozens of enterprise products.
Open SourceFree to use, and available for both personal and commercial projects.
Real Code, Not WrappersReaviz is built with real code, not wrappers around existing libraries. Everything from the select box to the radial charts are all part of the Reaviz portfolio.
Heatmap Block
Bar Chart Block
Bar Chart Block
Highly flexible, enabling you to create custom charts.Almost all of the chart types allow you to pass JSX elements in the props; this allows you to customize every aspect of each element. Additionally, you can mix charts and their child components together to make combination charts.
Why Reaviz?Minimize time spent on tasks
Accelerate your workflow and delivery

Creating and upkeeping a strong set of UI components demands significant time and effort, often in repetitive work. Using Reaviz components streamlines your process and cuts costs, helping you deliver a superior product more efficiently.

Zero In on Your Project

Developing reliable UI components is no easy feat. Dealing with accessibility nuances and complex logic can impede product feature progress. Reaviz enables you to focus on your own engineering obstacles.